Splash, Splash

Dark Short Stories, #1

by Colin Devonshire

Product Description:

The five tales here are dark short stories with a twisted tail - not the ending you expect. Sit back on the beach as you read, but don't enter the sea. The first story tells of an agoraphobic woman on her first holiday away with her family. Her children get more than they expected from the water.
An artistic daughter is unhappy with her father's plan to close his art supply shop. Oh, dear, somebody spilt the oils.
Would you take her in if you found a young girl on a lonely road? You had better think long and hard.
Taxidermy is a hobby that interests few people. But in this tale, a man is keen to show off his skills to his girlfriend. Does she get too close to him?
What are the deep meanings of dreams? Tighten your Beltane Belt and find out.