AN ELEPHANT DOESN’T MARRY A GIRAFFE - Everything I Learned as a Divorce Attorney

by Ronald Bavero

Product Description:

This book is for everyone who is, has or is about to go through a divorce. Filled with meaningful advice from a front-line soldier of the divorce wars – a successful veteran divorce attorney - the book is designed to help divorcing parties and their attorneys achieve the best possible outcome in their divorce cases.

What is unique about the book is that this invaluable advice comes not from dry, solemn pronouncements or preachy sermons but rather from a multitude of actual, true, compelling stories which illustrate, in practical terms, what divorcing spouses need to know and how to avoid the critical mistakes which undermine their cases. For those who have already ridden on the matrimonial merry-go-round, these true stories also represent validation that the process of divorce can test everyone's rationality or sanity.

Some of the areas covered in the book are when to consult with a divorce attorney; how to select the best attorney for your case; what to tell and not tell your divorce attorney; how the pandemic is affecting this process; what are the costs of divorce, both emotionally and financially; what are the key mistakes which divorcing parties need to avoid; how to move past your divorce in a healthy way. 

In the final analysis, all of the stories and advice will better prepare people for the life-altering experience that is divorce, as well as life after divorce.