by Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, M.D.

Publisher: Befibrillator Books

Product Description:



EvolutionR is a book to celebrate my 33rd Birthday on this planet.

I have associated the word 'R' with several words such as reversing and rewinding, but essentially it means a point in time when you have to go back as regards your thoughts or where you are.

You would learn more about the way I think in the poems, 'Space' and 'Do you speak my language?'

I don't believe in evolution and this is not a revolution.

I have reached a point where I feel like my brain has matured ahead of my time,

I want to celebrate my next birthday but I don't feel like I have to.

I am still moving forward but I am no longer revolving.


Enjoy This Miracle Mind and a World Beneath What We See!