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Getting Law Enforcement right in your writing, with Patrick O'Donnell // Self Publishing Insiders // EP039

Episode Summary

Cops, FBI, crime scenes—these have been popular subjects of fiction since the beginning. But getting the details right about law enforcement has become ever more essential.

Balancing the busy author life with Michael LaRonn // Self Publishing Insiders // EP038

Episode Summary

You may be a busy author, but you are not a Michael-LaRonn-busy author. There's rarely anyone with more irons in the fire and more plates spinning. And in this interview, Michael talks about writing from anywhere and keeping the gears oiled and the wheels spinning on a busy author career.

From idea to books, movies, and more with Gregg McBride // Self Publishing Insiders // EP037

Episode Summary

Many authors dream of seeing their stories on the screen—whether that turns out to be an original Netflix series, a major motion picture, or a Hallmark Christmas movie. Author and screenwriter Gregg McBride has seen that dream turn to reality, and he's sharing how it happened!

Building a Thriller Career with Ernest Dempsey // Self Publishing Insiders // EP036

Episode Summary

USA Today bestselling author Ernest Dempsey chats with Kevin Tumlinson about a career writing and publishing archaeological thrillers, including how Ernest markets and promotes his work.

A closer look at Vellum for book layout, with Brad West // Self Publishing Insiders // EP035

Episode Summary

Want to make your ebooks and print books look stunning? Vellum has been many authors' tool of choice for years! In this episode, Kevin Tumlinson chats with Vellum Co-Founder Brad West about the automated layout software that makes your books look gorgeous and professional.

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