Help an Author and Earn a Share of D2D’s Royalty for a Year!

Since day one, Draft2Digital has focused on providing as many free and powerful resources as we can, to help make publishing easy for authors of all stripes. Now, we want to help line your pockets a little, too. As of today, Draft2Digital is launching Refer a Friend (RAF).

RAF will help new authors discover all the free conversion, publishing, and promotional tools D2D has built, just for them.
Even better, RAF will help you by lining your pockets with a share of book royalties, for a full year!


For every friend you refer, using your own specialized and customizable URL, you will receive 10% of Draft2Digital’s share of that author’s royalties, for a whole year. They keep their full royalty, minus Draft2Digital’s cut—and you earn 10% of D2D’s share!

Refer a Friend is a great way to generate some additional revenue, and it’s perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers & Podcasters
  • Authors with a large author following, or just a good friend looking to help a will-be author get started!

And because we’re Draft2Digital, we built Refer a Friend so that it can benefit everyone!

  • Your friend keeps all the royalties they would normally receive
  • You get 10% of D2D’s cut from that author’s sales, for one full year
  • The more books your friend sells, the better we all do—so help them out by promoting their work!

To get started, visit the My Account tab after logging into your Draft2Digital account. If you don’t already have an account, you can start one for free, and there’s no obligation to publish through the platform (though we think you should, of course!).
Now … go tell a friend, and start earning! And remember, the more books your friends sell, the better it is for them and for you.

So help spread the word, and everyone’s a winner!

A few ways to leverage Refer a Friend

D2D RAF offers you the opportunity to earn when your friends sell books, which makes it a cool potential income steam. With customizable URLs, it’s even easy to promote your referral link in podcasts and videos, as well as on business cards, mailers, email newsletters, and more.

Try these ideas:

  • “Sponsor” your podcast or YouTube channel with a quick, 30-second ad spot that sends people to your unique and customizable URL (ie “Start publishing your books worldwide in minutes by visiting!”
  • Create a graphic to share on social media, using an eye-catching image and/or quote, and a call to action to visit your URL
  • Record a short video that includes a publishing or writing tip, and send viewers to your D2D URL
  • Put yorr URL on a set of business cards to hand out at events and speaking engagements

You’re a creative bunch—we’re positive you’ll think of even more ways to use your customizable D2D URL to  funnel friends, readers, viewers, and listeners into a nice, new revenue stream! And when you do, share your ideas with us! We want to see how creative you can get.

We are insanely excited about this new tool, and we know you are too. Get out there and start earning!