We think library distribution is pretty important. Most of us first learn to love reading because of libraries—and now, as authors, libraries are an amazing way to boost discoverability and help new readers find your books.

That’s why Draft2Digital is thrilled to announce we are expanding our library reach even further by adding Hoopla as a new distribution channel!

Hoopla joins the ranks of Overdrive, bibliotheca, and Baker & Taylor in D2D’s ever-growing expansion into libraries worldwide, giving authors even more ways to get their books in front of new readers.

More About Hoopla

Hoopla is the digital service division of Midwest Tape—a leading provider of entertainment media products and services, with 25 years in the industry. Hoopla’s mission is to partner with libraries in delivering the best content to patrons in the most streamlined manner possible. And now, that includes books by you!

Hoopla Uses the Cost Per Checkout (CPC) Model

Authors benefit from the CPC model because their book can be read by more readers at once—no one has to wait weeks or months to check out your book, simply because the library could only purchase one or two copies. That means you have greater discoverability, and a great potential for earning royalties.

To learn more about how CPC works for library royalties, click here.

A Note on Price Changes

Hoopla’s model does not currently allow for price changes—something to consider when adding Hoopla as part of your library distribution strategy. You will be able to change prices on all other platforms, but the price you set for Hoopla will remain at the amount you set when opting in. This should not impact any promotions you may run, and there will be no price-matching on services such as Amazon.

Due to the price-change limitation, we are launching Hoopla as a beta. Despite this, however, you will have full reach to every library system where Hoopla distributes.

Getting Started

You’ll be prompted to include Hoopla as one of your distribution channels the next time you log in to Draft2Digital. That’s it! You can opt in all of your books at once, or wait and opt them in one at a time from your author dashboard.

Things should go pretty smoothly, but if you need help feel free to email us at support@draft2digital.com.

We’re very excited about further expanding author reach to more libraries worldwide, and we’re looking forward to seeing a new wave of readers discovering the work of Draft2Digital authors!