We wanted you to know about some changes that Tolino has made to some of their expanded distribution channels—and a new opportunity for you and your books by the name of Vivlio!

Recently, distribution to Tolino’s Belgium-based channel, Standaard Boekhandel, was taken over by French-based book distributor, Vivlio, continuing to serve the Dutch markets with the same high standards.

That’s why Draft2Digital is excited to announce the addition of Vivlio as a sales channel for all of our authors!

Why should I opt-in to Vivlio?

Vivlio is a company owned by large French booksellers and publishers. It was created in 2012, with a mission to provide a comprehensive solution to distribute and sell eBooks.

The company’s partners include Cultura, Mr Decitre (ex CEO of Decitre and Furet du Nord group), Albin Michel, the largest independent French publisher, and Système U, one of the biggest retail chains in the region.

In addition to Standaard Boekhandel, Vivlio is the technical provider of the Cultura group (more than 90 retail stores in France), Système U (300 retail stores in France), Actissia (150 stores in France, Belgium and Switzerland) and Decitre / Furet du Nord (25 stores in France and Belgium).

Opting into Vivlio gives you the opportunity to sell your catalogue to all these distributors on their websites, ereaders and mobile applications!

A slightly different royalty

We wanted to alert you to a slightly different royalty split for Vivlio, compared to our other sales channels.

Rather than the standard 60% that most of our sales channels offer, Vivlio’s royalty split is 55.25%. It’s a small difference, but we wanted to ensure you were aware of it.

As a new D2D sales channel, taking over for an existing channel, there are slight differences in the business model, particularly when it comes to author royalties. To accommodate these differences, it was necessary to adjust the standard percentage for the royalty split for this vendor.

We believe this will still be a beneficial sales channel for our authors, however, with new opportunities for reach and promotion to a new reader base. The tradeoff (less than 5%) makes these new opportunities possible!
More reach, more readers!
We are excited about this new partnership, and would like to offer you the opportunity to easily migrate your books to Vivlio with just a couple of clicks!

The next time you log into your Draft2Digital account you will see a pop-up asking if you would like to opt into Vivlio. You can choose to migrate all of your books at that time, or you can decline and opt individual books in later.

As always, control over which retailers you distribute to is up to you!

We believe Vivlio will be another great sales channel for our authors, and we can’t wait to see how it goes for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@draft2digital.com.