True, print on demand isn’t new. You have a lot of options for getting your books onto the printed page. What we discovered, as we researched how POD works and what authors go through, is that the whole process can be both expensive and complicated for authors.

Setup fees, change fees, expensive add-ons and other overhead can make it feel intimidating to even consider print as an option.

Complex rules for layout and formatting, navigating expensive software or paying someone to do the work of turning your digital manuscript into a print-ready layout—that can also feel like a barrier to entry.

Draft2Digital made print books less expensive and a whole lot easier when we built D2D Print.

The key word is easy. That one word from us means simple-to-use tools for layout and formatting, including an automated tool for converting your ebook to print with just a few clicks.

The overhead is light. Practically non-existent. We have no setup fees, no upsells or add-ons. The only out of pocket expense for you will come down to whether you want to order a physical proof or purchase author copies.

If you need to make a change to your print book, there may be a change fee—but we even eliminate that by giving you a free change token every 90 days.

Basically, if you can wait until later to fix a minor issue (such as a typo), you can do it for free. If it’s something major, you’ll always have the option of buying a change token for $25.

And of course, changes to ebooks are still free. You can update your ebook as often as you like, and never spend a dime.


Print books are seeing a significant rise in popularity, with US sales alone increasing by nearly 68 million print books in 2021 (according to Forbes). A 2021 Pew poll revealed that on average, adults read five print books over the course of the year.

While ebooks also saw growth (a 5% increase for 2021 over 2020), the rise in print means that authors who offer both options to readers can capitalize even more.

Here are a few more takeaways from the 2022 Pew Research report that examined the reading habits of Americans:

  • Of the 75% of respondents who read at least one book in the prior year, 13.8% said they read only digital books (ebooks and audio).
  • Three times as many (49%) read only print books. An additional 37.2% read both print and digital.
  • Digital-only publishers may be missing out on 86% of the potential readership for their books.


The easiest interface. The coolest features. The best author support team in the business.

  • Convert an ebook to a print book with just a few clicks (or start with a print book)
  • Turn your ebook cover into a wraparound print cover in seconds
  • Choose from dozens of beautiful and professional interior layouts
  • Receive worldwide distribution
  • Order author copies in 32 countries (and counting)


  • Zero setup fees or recurring fees
  • Free ISBNs
  • A free change for your print book every 90 days
  • A Print Price Calculator to help you select a retail price for your book and estimate your royalty
  • D2D’s celebrated, industry-beloved, legendary author support—you’ll never be alone out there!

Print is a Path to Publishing Success

We started Draft2Digital as an easy-button way to get your book from raw manuscript to fully formatted ebook and distributed to as many online retailers as possible. We are still doing that, and still improving how we do it and the number of retailers you can reach. That will never change.

We also recognize that offering a print version of your books is a smart strategy for any author. Having a book in every possible format—ebook, print, audio—means increasing the odds of being discovered by new readers and increasing your earning potential.

We built D2D Print to make it as easy as possible for you to format and distribute your book in just a few clicks, taking all the stress out of the process. We’re dedicated to continuously improving on that, so that print can become part of your winning author strategy.

Log in to now to get started. And if you have any questions, the best author support in the business is just an email away at

Happy publishing from Draft2Digital