UPDATE: To best utilize services like OverDrive, learn a few best practices for listing with libraries in this post!

One of the most frequent questions we hear from D2D authors is, “How can I get my books into libraries?”

We’re pleased to announce that, starting today, Draft2Digital now distributes to OverDrive, enabling our authors to place their books into one of the most trusted and far-reaching library distribution services on the planet.

OverDrive currently serves to more than 38,000 libraries and schools, in 70+ countries, including public, college and corporate libraries.

As a D2D author, you’ll be able to distribute your books through OverDrive and receive benefits you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Lower minimum pricing—Set your price as low as 99 cents
  • Better royalties—Earn 46.75% of your list price
  • No contracts or limitations—Distribution with OverDrive is opt-in, and you can choose to include or exclude your books right from your Author Dashboard

The next time you log in to Draft2Digital, you’ll see a pop-up that will let you include all your books at once, making it easy to start distributing right away! If you’d prefer to wait, you can opt in one book at a time, any time.

The addition of OverDrive to D2D’s catalog of distributors has been long anticipated, and we’re happy to present this new channel to our authors. It’s just one more way that Draft2Digital is helping authors reach new audiences, worldwide!

NEXT STEP: Ask for the books at your local library!

Be sure to request your books from your local library, and have all your friends and family do the same. Libraries won’t “stock” these ebooks unless patrons request them, so start asking!

Log in to Draft2Digital.com and start distributing your books to libraries and schools around the globe.