You may already know that automated print layout is part of the package, when you convert your manuscript for free through Draft2Digital. Now, we’ve upgraded the experience to give you more options for layout size, and a cleaner conversion than before!

We took everything back to the drawing board, and worked out a way to produce an attractive print PDF that you can upload to CreateSpace, Lightning Source, or any other print on demand publishing service.

In this update, you’ll find:

  • Improved PDF conversion
  • Improved end matter
  • You can now select the page size of your paperback
  • Hyphenation is now enabled
  • Improved rendering of hyperlinks and footnotes

Plus more behind-the-scenes improvements that make your layout as clean and beautiful as possible!

We’re very happy to offer authors a way to automate their print layouts, eliminating one tricky and sometimes expensive bit of overhead

A Free Layout Tool for Any Operating System

D2D’s automated layout for print is free, and is browser-based, so you can use it regardless of what operating system you prefer. If you already have a Draft2Digital account, you would simply log in, upload your manuscript as a Word document (no special formatting require—just use the ‘Heading 1’ style for chapter headings), and get free conversions to EPUB, MOBI, and a print-ready PDF. You can even choose from a selection of trim sizes.

Once you have your print-ready PDF, you can upload it to any POD service you prefer, including CreateSpace and Lightning Source.

You do not have to use D2D to distribute your ebooks in order to use this free conversion tool. Of course, we’d prefer it if you did!

The Easy Button for Print Layout

It’s that easy! Get started with automating your book’s print layout by visiting your My Books dashboard. Choose your book, and on the Book Details page select the trim size you want, then hit ‘Download PDF.’

If you have any questions, reach out to Customer Support any time!

Since this article was published, D2D Print was launched as a beta service! To get into the next wave of beta users and experience all-new print layout AND distribution options, sign up here!

Happy Publishing!
The D2D Team