Draft2Digital to Rebrand and Relaunch SelfPubBookCovers.com as BookCovers.com, making it the Premier Marketplace for Premade Book Covers

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Draft2Digital announced today that it will relaunch and rebrand SelfPubBookCovers.com (SPBC) as BookCovers.com, aiming to establish it as the industry’s premier marketplace for premade book covers for ebooks, print books, and audiobooks. Draft2Digital announced the acquisition of SPBC eleven months ago.

The new marketplace, anticipated to launch later this year, can be previewed at BookCovers.com. Read on or click the launch countdown timer to see what’s in it for you.


Building A Premier Book Cover Design Destination

SPBC was founded by indie author Shoshanna Evers, who sadly passed away in 2021. The pioneering marketplace enables authors to browse from thousands of one-of-a-kind premade cover designs, and then once the author finds the perfect design, they simply add their author name and title to customize it. The site’s workflow tools facilitate collaboration between artists and authors on successful cover designs.

BookCovers.com for Authors

Authors, whether you’re shopping for your very first cover image or you’re looking to refresh your existing covers, you’ll find thousands of ideas and artists from which to choose. If you’re already familiar with SPBC, here’s a glimpse of what’s coming later this year:

  • An all-new website, providing improved layout, more intuitive navigation, and browsing by genre to make finding the perfect cover image faster and easier than ever before
  • An improved book cover customization tool that’s easier to use and makes customizing and positioning the title and pen name text on your covers a breeze

BookCovers.com for Cover Designers

Artists, we’re committed to helping you build your business at BookCovers.com, where you can sell more premade covers in less time and with less back and forth communications. Authors fall in love with your design, apply their own title and pen name, and then purchase it. It’s the most efficient way to sell more covers faster, allowing you to focus your time on what you do best – designing great professional designs! Here’s what’s coming for you later this year:

  • Your very own customizable “Store” page in the marketplace, allowing you to showcase your covers
  • Better business management capabilities, including: the ability to run price promotions; track sales with stronger reporting capabilities; enhanced interactivity to streamline communication with authors; and more payment options
  • Painless migration. If you’re already an SPBC cover artist, all of your cover listings will seamlessly migrate to the new website so you can launch your store immediately!
  • Don’t wait! If you’re not already set up on SelfPubBookCovers.com, there’s no need to wait until BookCovers.com is fully operational. Set up a SelfPubBookCovers.com account today and load your inventory. We’ll migrate your account and all your inventory so your covers are available for purchase on day one of BookCover.com’s launch.

To get a taste of what the new site will look like, visit BookCovers.com. Better yet, to stay up-to-date on new developments and be among the first to know when the new site is fully live, be sure to visit the Launch Page. If you’re an author and have questions, check out the Author FAQ. If you’re a cover designer, check out the Artist FAQ. As always, if you have any questions not covered by the FAQs, the industry’s best support team is available via support@draft2digital.com.

Happy Publishing!

The Draft2Digital Team