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This week we started migrating accounts again after a roughly two week hiatus while we resolved a couple of issues. During this time, around 2,500 accounts completed the migration questionnaire that allows us to actively migrate them. We’ll migrate these accounts before we move on to automated migrations.

Automatic migrations will begin with the accounts that haven’t been accessed the longest.


Since the last update, we have migrated 608 accounts and 3,042 books.

Invited – waiting on user: 81,430
Invited – waiting on us: 2,102
Migration Processing: 31
Successfully Migrated: 10,849
Currently Ineligible to Migrate: 36,546
Total: 130,958

62,941 Books have been migrated.

Current Activity

Merge Tool for Publishers
Provide a tool in Multi-Book Actions at D2D for merging one publisher into another. On the Smashwords side, each merged publisher’s favorites and subscribers will be moved to the new publisher. Now in testing and will be deployed soon.

Merge Tool for Contributors
After Publishers, Contributors will be next up in the merge tools process. On the Smashwords side, each merged contributor’s favorites and subscribers will be moved to the new publisher. Provide a tool in Multi-Book Actions for merging one contributor into another.

Recently Completed Items

Migration form not-detecting existing email address
We resolved¬†a newly introduced issue where the migration form was showing confusing messaging when the user’s email address was already in use at D2D.

Duplicate Contributor Names
When accounts are migrated to D2D, a duplicate contributor was being created and set as the default. This created a situation where new books might not be connected to the same contributor at Smashwords. This issue is now resolved. We also proactively went through and automatically merged these duplicate accounts and sent the updates back to the Smashwords store. At Smashwords, subscribers to the original contributor were notified about the release of all books with corrected contributors.

Sales reports need cleaned up for seven accounts
Seven accounts were not able to be migrated because of a previous race condition bug. These accounts have been cleaned up, their migration reset, and they have now been migrated.

Account activation process for expired links was broken
The account activation link that users are provided eventually expires. When the activation link is expired, Draft2Digital directs the user to Smashwords to log in to the associated account and then loops them back to Draft2Digital with a new activation link.  The Smashwords site had a bug detecting the state of the migrated account, so 19 users with expired activation links were not properly looped back to the Draft2Digital website. This issue is now fixed.

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.

– Kris Austin, CEO