To keep up with these updates, please visit our main Migration Updates page.

We have made our way through all pending active migrations and have started automatic migrations. If you would like to migrate before we automatically migrate you, please login to your Smashwords Account page or Dashboard and complete the migration survey.

If you don’t see the migration survey, that means we are currently unable to migrate your account. However, if you would like us to investigate why we can’t migrate your account, please reach out to support and we’ll find out for you.

As automatic migrations progress, we are diligently working on clearing out reasons we can’t migrate some accounts.


Since the last update, we have migrated 3,241 accounts and 6,870 books.

Invited – waiting on user: 77,783
Invited – waiting on us: 4
Migration Processing: 333
Successfully Migrated: 16,392
Currently Ineligible to Migrate: 36,735
Total: 131,247

81,681 Books have been migrated.

Current Activity

Merge Tool for Contributors
Contributors will be next up in the merge tools process. On the Smashwords side, each merged contributor’s favorites and subscribers will be moved to the new publisher. Provide a tool in Multi-Book Actions for merging one contributor into another.

Recently Completed Items

Fix books with incorrect library pricing
An issue was discovered where migrated books that did not have a library price chosen at Smashwords had their library price set to 99 cents. This issue is now resolved and all affected books have had their pricing corrected.

Retrieve Apple tickets for migrated books
After a book was migrated, if a ticket was opened by Apple, the D2D system was unaware. This caused a delay in us communicating these issues to the authors. Expanded the existing system that retrieves these tickets to include migrated books.

Messaging to Current SW Sale Enrollees Who Have Migrated
Added messaging to the D2D enrollment page to SW users who have now migrated but also enrolled via SW site. Let them know the do not have to re-enroll and it would be wise to not do so as enrolling at D2D will overwrite their selections and be set for the duration of the sale.

Activation link renewal improvements
Improved the process for migrated users to get new activation link when their previous link had expired.

Known Issues

Password Reset Emails Are Not Getting Sent to Some Migrating Users
Users trying to use the reset password workflow before activation of their D2D account do not receive the password reset email. While we investigate this issue, the best option is for a user to login to their Smashwords account and use the D2D activation link provided there.

– Kris Austin, CEO