We’ve always been proud of how useful and versatile our Universal Book Links are, but now we’re turning it up to eleven!
Starting now, you can add links to audiobook versions of your books right from the UBL management page!

Here’s how …

  1. Copy the URL of your audiobook from any audiobook retailer product page
  2. Log in to Books2Read.com and select UBL Dashboard from the Link Tools menu
  3. Select the UBL for your book from the dashboard and paste your audiobook’s URL into the “Add a Store Link” field on the right-hand side of the screen


Here’s a little video walk-thru:

For the moment the UBL will not automatically scan and scrape your audiobook from every store online, so you’ll need to add all audiobook links manually.

Now your readers and listeners can both find what they’re looking for on your UBL’s landing page. Just one more way that Draft2Digital is making the author life easier!

Get started at https://books2read.com

UPDATE: Below is a list of the audiobook retailers we currently support:

Kobo Audio
Google Audio
Apple Books Audio
Scribd Audio
OverDrive Audio
Beek Audio
Instaread Audio
eStories Audio
Nextory Audio