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Inner Beauty - Things to Know About eBook Layout

Draft2Digital Introduces Improved Automated Layout for Print



You may already know that automated print layout is part of the package, when you convert your manuscript for free through Draft2Digital. Now, we’ve upgraded the experience to give you more options for layout size, and a cleaner conversion than before!

10 Sneaky Hacks for Draft2Digital

Whether you’re a D2D veteran or a fresh-from-the-book newbie, there are a few sneaky tricks and hacks that you may not have heard of, and that might just make your author life a little easier. Take a look at our 10 sneaky hacks below.

Author Marketing 101: Part 2—Advanced Approaches

Beautiful Formatting

Formatting. Would I be too dramatic in declaring it the bane of the self-published author’s existence? It is literally the first thing you have to do if you want to publish your book. And if the book is formatted poorly, it could kill any interest before a single word is read. So you have to format. And you have to format well. But how? And with what? Will it cost a fortune? What are my options? Read on to find out…