REMEMBER A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO? We were pretty excited to announce our new D2D Author Pages and D2D Book Tabs. And judging by all the tweets, Facebook posts, emails, and YouTube comments, you were pretty excited too!

We’re not much for sitting around on our hands here at D2D. We like to keep tinkering under the hood, making improvements, adding new features. Sometimes that takes months. Sometimes (like now) it takes just a week or two.


Here’s what’s new:

  • New Social Media Options: At the request of a lot of our authors, we’ve added Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as part of the linked social accounts under your author bio
  • Social Metadata Enhancements: When you share your Author Page or Book Tab on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media, it will include a thumbnail of your author photo or book cover (respectively)
  • Deactivated Book Tabs: When you deactivate a D2D Book Tab, you’ll now see it greyed out on the UBL dashboard, making it easier to spot which UBLs are active on your author page

Those are just a few of the improvements we’ve made, and there are a lot more behind the scenes! We’ve made improvements to the how custom URLs are displayed, how scrolling in book carousels works, and lots of other tweaks and updates to the look and feel of these pages.

We’re continuing to work on the functionality and user experience, to make D2D Author Pages and D2D Book Tabs the perfect discoverability tools for you and your books.

Look for more changes in the future, as well as more new tools and resources, as Books2Read grows to serve you better.