BIG NEWS: Exclusive to D2D Authors—NO $49 Admin fee at Findaway Voices!

Draft2Digital is excited to announce our partnership with Findaway Voices, an audiobook creation and distribution service that gives authors more freedom and control over their work. With Voices, it’s easy to create and sell audiobooks to listeners in more than 170 countries, through the world’s largest audiobook distribution network.

Voices is a part of Findaway, an innovator in the audiobook industry for more than 10 years and a global leader in digital content delivery across retail, library, and K–12 channels.

Audiobooks are a vital part of an indie author’s strategy, allowing you to increase discoverability and reach new audiences worldwide, while increasing the opportunity for revenue.

Until now, authors had limited options for creating and distributing audiobooks, and were often forced to surrender partial rights to their work or agree to lengthy exclusivity contracts. D2D’s partnership with Findaway Voices aims to eliminate as many barriers between authors and audiobook listeners as possible.

Findaway Voices gives authors everything they need to create professionally narrated audiobooks, including:

  • Full Control—With Voices, you set the price, own the rights, control marketing, choose your distributors, and never sign an exclusivity agreement.
  • Global Distribution—You’ll gain access to a global platform that reaches consumers in more than 170 countries, through all major audiobook sellers across retail, library, and K12 channels (and yes, this includes Audible).
  • Custom Narrator Casting—The experts at Voices review your book and create a tailored list of recommended narrators at a range of prices for your specific title. Voices will work with you at every step to ensure you choose the right voice at the right price for your book.
  • Professional Production—All narrators are vetted for quality, and all Voices audiobooks are quality-checked before publication, giving rights holders an extra level of assurance.
  • Full Service and Support–As a D2D author, you’re used to high level customer support, and you can expect the same with Voices. If you have any questions or need help, you can reach out to a Voices expert.
  • Already have an audiobook?—If you’ve already produced your audiobook, you can distribute through Findaway Voices without exclusivity, and at no cost.

Launch date is July 18, 2017

Starting July 18, 2017, you’ll be able to quickly and easily start the audiobook production process, right from your D2D publication page. Once you’ve converted your ebook, you can start creating your audiobook with Findaway Voices, with full support from the Voices team. You can determine your production budget, select a narrator, and have your book produced and distributed to a robust audiobook network.

An 80% Royalty for Authors

As the author or publisher, you keep 80% of all royalties Voices receives, which vary by partner, channel, and business model. The royalties Voices receives from its partners are within the following ranges:

  • A la carte: 40% to 50% of list price
  • Subscription: 30% to 40% of list price
  • Audible: 25% of the sales price (Audible’s standard, non-exclusive terms)


While this post won’t be a comprehensive FAQ, below are a few of the most pressing questions that we thought authors would be curious about (we’ll also update these as we go, but if you have a question that isn’t presented here, please contact Draft2Digital Customer Support):


Who owns the rights to the finished audiobook?

You! Authors and publishers who work with Voices always own the rights to their works.

Do you require exclusivity?

Absolutely not. Voices will never ask you to sign an exclusivity agreement. We believe in opening the audiobook market for authors and publishers and work tirelessly to introduce audiobooks to new listeners through our products, partnerships, relationships and innovations.

How does Voices compare to ACX?

Voices differs from ACX in several ways. With Voices, you’re never asked for exclusivity, you control the price for your book, and we give you control over marketing and promotions. Our team works with you to guide the process and ensure creating an audiobook is easier than it’s ever been!

I’m an international author, can I work with Findaway Voices?

Yes! Findaway Voices is available to authors and publishers in all countries and can recommend narrators to match unique accent and style demands.

I’m a publisher. Can I use Findaway Voices to distribute my catalog?

Yes! Contact Findaway at to discuss how Voices in more detail.

What’s with the $49 fee?


This is a one-time administrative fee that covers project management during production, and ongoing administrative tasks such as consolidated royalty reporting, ISBN registration, post processing, final mastering, and other behind-the-scenes tasks carried out by Findaway, for every audibook produced. This fee applies to production only, and you will not have to pay the fee if you provide your own audiobook.

How does Findaway Voices compare to Author’s Republic?

Findaway Voices is similar to Author’s Republic in that we offer audiobook distribution, but we are different in a few of ways that set us apart:

  • Findaway Voices a single service where authors can both create and distribute their works. If you have created your own audiobook files, you can also choose distribution only.
  • Regarding distribution: With Findaway Voices, you keep 80 percent of all royalties earned through the sale of your recordings. Authors Republic offers only 70 percent.
  • Findaway Voices will NEVER ask you for exclusivity. You are always free to distribute your titles anywhere else you like, and you always have complete control over where your titles are available within our network (for example, you’re always free to exclude a title from one of our partners if you choose). Non-exclusivity and rights holder control over content is an incredibly important guiding principle here at Findaway Voices.



How much does it cost to create an audiobook?

  • The cost of narration is calculated on a “per-finished-hour” basis, and will vary based on several factors, including book length, narrator selected, and complexity. Voices will provide suggested narrators at a range of per-finished hour rates to best meet your cost needs. Contact Findaway at to learn more.
  • The only other charge is a one-time fee of $49.00 to cover project management during production, and ongoing administrative tasks such as consolidated royalty reporting.
  • NOTE: D2D authors will not have to pay the $49 admin fee! 

What does per-finished hour mean?

“Per Finished Hour” is the standard way payment is calculated in the audiobook industry. Narrators are compensated for each hour of finished recording, rather than by studio hour, since this can vary.

The standard rule is every 9,000 words equals one hour of finished hour. So, if your book is 72,000 words, it would be approximately 8 finished hours of audio.

I’m interested. How do I choose a narrator?

First, contact Findaway at To find the right narrator for your book, we’ll ask you a few simple questions to guide our suggestions (book subject/genre, emotional tone, protagonist profile) and then prepare a curated list of narrators for you to choose from. All narrator recommendations from Voices are tailored to your style preferences and material. We’ll include voices at a range of per-finished-hour rates to ensure you get the right voice at the right price. Every narrator in our talent pool has been vetted for professionalism and quality.

Can I hear a sample of my book performed by a narrator?

Of course! Before committing to a narrator, you can request a sample of that voice paired with your work. Simply share with us with a sample chapter (or the full manuscript) and we’ll coordinate with the narrator or narrators you choose to provide you with samples.

What is the approval process?

You review the first 15 minutes of your audiobook before committing to the full performance. Once the first section is approved, your narrator will continue recording the remainder of your work, providing completed chapters for your review, and adjusting to any feedback along the way.

You will provide final approval for the audiobook before it is published.

How long will it take to create my audiobook?

Project timeframe varies based on each book’s length, but 6-8 weeks is typical, from project start, to your title being available for sale.

Do you offer royalty sharing as an option for compensating narrators?

Currently, Findaway Voices does not offer royalty sharing though we may consider it in the future.

Can I narrate my own audiobook?

Yes! You’ll follow almost the same process as if you were selecting a narrator, except you’ll be the one recording….and approving the work! Voices has narration guidelines to ensure a high quality standard.

Can I recommend a narrator or use a narrator I already work with?

Absolutely! All of the narrators we work with are independent contractors. Voices can work with your current narrator(s) to ensure consistency within your catalog if that’s important to you. Just put us in touch!


Where will my audiobook be available for sale?

With Findaway Voices, your audiobook will be distributed through the world’s largest network of audiobook sellers, representing a variety of industry partners, sales channels and business models. Our global distribution network includes top sellers from retail, public library, and K-12, and we’re always expanding with the market.

Voices works with more than 20 partners and nearly 10 unique business models.

Current partners include:

Retail                                                                               Library & K-12

Audible, Amazon, Apple                                                  Baker & Taylor

Barnes and Noble NOOK                                                EBSCO

Scribd                                                                             3M/Biblioteca

TuneIn                                                                             Follett

eStories (formerly eMusic)                                             Mackin

Playster                                                                          Perma-Bound

Downpour                                                                         Odilo

Hoopla (coming soon)




Who sets the price for my audiobook?

You do! You set pricing, and we pay based on that list price for sales through most of our distribution partners. Also, you can update your price at any time and we’ll ensure all retailers

How often will I be paid?

Every month, we send you any royalties we’ve collected on your behalf. Voices will deposit royalties for you within 30 days of receipt from our partners. Some partners pay us within 30 days of the end of each month, and others pay quarterly.

Do I have to list my book with all of your partners?

Nope! You decide which partners you want to work with. If you wish to remove an audiobook from one or all of our partners, simply alert us via email (, and we’ll coordinate with the partner on your behalf.

How long will it take for my audiobook to be available for sale?

Each audiobook is approved separately by each of our distribution partners, who have their own processes and timing. In general, you can expect your audiobook to appear for sale about 2 – 3 weeks after you’ve published through Voices.

How quickly do price changes go into effect? I want to price for promotions!

It varies by distributor, but price changes are typically reflected within one (1) week. Give yourself a 24-48 hour buffer around the price change window, if possible.

Will I be able to do pre-orders?

Functionality for pre-orders is coming soon.


Again, we are very excited about this partnership, and what it means for our authors. Audiobooks can be a tremendous benefit to an author’s career, and producing something of professional quality is now easier than ever.

If you have questions or would like more information about the D2D and Findaway Voices partnership, contact Customer Support any time.


The D2D Team