You may have heard the rumors, but let’s make it official… Draft2Digital is thrilled to announce D2D Print!

Right now we are beta testing our new print on demand (POD) service, finding and eliminating any bugs and technical challenges, and making this a resource that will help you expand your author business in an exciting way!

Unlike some POD services, D2D Print will have no upgrade fees, no recurring fees, and low-cost author copies.

We’ll also offer some pretty amazing features, including:

  • Cover Converter—If you need a print-ready version of your eBook cover, we’ll generate one for you automatically!
  • Cover Templates—If you want to supply your own existing print cover, you can use our free cover templates to ensure it is the perfect size and dimensions
  • A variety of trim sizes—All of the POD industry-standard trim sizes are here
  • Widow & Orphan Control—If you use our auto-generated interior we can help keep the weird line breaks and pesky widowed and orphaned text to a minimum
  • All the choices you’re used to—Matte or glossy finish for your cover, cream or white paper for your interior, a free ISBN from D2D or bring your own—we have you covered!
  • Brick & Mortar Distribution—Physical bookstores will be able to order copies of your books, to place on their shelves.


NOTE: This does not mean your books will automatically be available in physical bookstores. You will need to request that a store order and carry your books, and they can order them through their regular channels. Draft2Digital does not distribute directly to physical bookstores.

And of course, you’ll get our famous author support and customer service, to help you the whole way!

The beta test for this service is in full swing, and though we can’t immediately add everyone we do have a waiting list you can join! If you would like to be considered for addition to the beta, please click the link below—

Join the D2D Print Beta Waiting List:

We believe D2D Print will make it easier for authors to expand their catalogs to include paperback books with just a few clicks. It’s never been this easy.


We’ll add new details as questions arise. Here are a few to get started!

  • Will D2D Print books be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, etc? They can! D2D Print books will be available through standard distribution channels. Customers can order books as they normally would.
  • Will D2D be listed as the publisher? No! You can list yourself or your publishing imprint as the publisher, and that information will be transmitted to sales channels along with the rest of the book’s metadata.
  • Can I include my table of contents (TOC)? We can autogenerate the table of contents for you, so that page numbers match up.
  • Can I order author copies? Yes! Right now, as we launch, author copies are only available in the US and Canada, but we’re looking to expand that later.
  • Where will my book be distributed? Your book will be available at Amazon and Ingram, the largest distributor/wholesaler in North America. Ingram supplies books to most of the independent bookstores around the country, Barnes and Noble, Powells, and Indiebound. Of course, not every bookstore carries every book, but if you tell your local stores they can order from Ingram, they’ll know how to get it.