Everything is better with friends! 
Everything is better with friends. That’s why we knew that when we launched our Refer a Friend program, back in 2017, it was going to make things fun for a lot of authors. And we were right!

Refer a Friend is our royalty-sharing program that lets you officially refer another author to our service. And when you do, you get to earn 10% of D2D’s share of that author’s royalties, for an entire year!

The best thing: The new author still makes their regular royalty for each sale.


The more your friend sells, the better we all do. So it’s to everyone’s benefit to help each other succeed. That’s just the best business plan ever.

The old Refer a Friend program gave you that 10% for one full year, and there were plenty of authors who were happy with that. But we’re all about upping the game for authors any time we can. So as of right now, D2D is increasing the term for your Refer a Friend royalty from one year to TWO YEARS!

Use your special URL to send your writer friends our way, and we’ll give you 10% of our cut of their royalties for two full years! There isn’t another program like this anywhere—which is kind of how we like to do things.

It’s easy!

  1. Visit the My Account page after logging in to your Draf2Digital account
  2. Scroll down and click on Refer a Friend Program
  3. Scroll down to find your unique Refer a Friend URL and hit Copy My Link
  4. BONUS! In the Custom Link Name field, type in anything you’d like to use to customize your URL, so that it’s easier to remember! For example, you might make your URL www.draft2digital.com/YOURNAME or anything else you choose! If your custom URL is available, it’s all yours!
This is a perfect way to make a little extra cash, if you have an audience of authors you can send our way. Use this to “sponsor” your podcast, YouTube channel, or blogs! Share it in author groups on Facebook and elsewhere. Add it to your business cards to hand out at author conventions. It’s your link, so use it any way you like. And earn 10% of D2D’s cut for any authors you refer, for two whole years!

This is just one more way that D2D is trying to make author lives easier. And it’s also our way of saying thank you for all your support.