Indie authors have many ways of getting their books in the hands of the right readers of their English language books, but when it comes to finding success in the foreign language global market, their options usually involve:

  • Investing in translators for their books themselves
  • Figuring out trends in various geographic markets on their own
  • Trying to market to foreign language readers

What if we told you there was another option now available?

At Draft2Digital, we love helping you get your books into the hands of more readers. Usually, that means a new distribution partner. But this time it means a pathway to trustworthy translation rights management.

Introducing DropCap

DropCap is a literary agency whose focus is specifically on translation rights management. Based in the US and founded by a team of literary agents, authors and publishers, the company combines decades of publishing industry expertise with a vast network of relationships it has cultivated over the years. DropCap leverages its award-winning rights management software to match your book with prospective buyers and then showcases your book within DropCap Marketplace, its international licensing market designed exclusively for indie authors.

To date, DropCap Marketplace has helped indie authors and publishers secure more than 8,000 licenses in 120 countries and 180 languages.

Is DropCap Right for Every Author?

Not every author is at a point in their career where shopping their book(s) for translation rights makes sense. DropCap Marketplace is a fee-based service that offers affordable annual subscription options of $97, $297, and $997 based on the number of books an author or publisher lists.

Note that subscribing to the service, while increasing your visibility to international rights buyers, does not guarantee a rights sale, translation, or agent representation.

It’s a lot for any indie author to consider putting their book into a global rights marketplace. And it’s definitely not for everyone. That’s why it’s important for us to address a few specific questions you may have when considering if this option is right for you.

How will I know if my book is a good fit for the international market?

This is a great question! DropCap answers that question in this blog post, but in our recent conversations with their team they have said that the books that they are currently looking for are ones with strong domestic sales and award winners. (This means that if you already have solid sales for a book in the English language market, and you haven’t already invested in translations, then this might be something for you to consider).

Business books and self-improvement titles often do well with foreign language rights, and one of their biggest deals to date has been in the romantasy genre!

DropCap agents are actively seeking books in the following genres:

  • Nonfiction business books and how-to guides
  • Self-improvement and mind, body & spirit
  • Children’s books dealing with universal themes
  • Fiction books with strong sales
  • Award-winning titles of all genres

What do I really need an agent for?

If you are a Draft2Digital author who has embraced all aspects of indie publishing, it can feel a little overwhelming to switch gears and think about bringing in the help of an agent.

While DropCap operates very similarly to other traditional agencies, the key difference is that DropCap’s agents are specifically and exclusively focused on foreign rights

You can be an indie author AND have traditional foreign rights representation! 

However, keep in mind that listing your book with DropCap Marketplace does not mean that you are locked into a representation agreement. DropCap will use their software to match your book with rights buyers, and if there is interest they will reach out to you with an offer for representation, which you are free to decline if you choose.

Can’t I just translate and sell my book myself?

You most certainly can! Lots of authors do this, with varying degrees of success. If you feel comfortable paying for a translator, an editor, and a redesigned cover, and believe you have access to the right audience in an overseas market to make a profit, this is a great option for you. 

Authors who choose to have foreign rights representation are ones who don’t have the time, money, and resources that are required to do it in a way that they feel they will find success.

DropCap’s agents are experts in foreign markets and foreign languages, they navigate the world for you, and you simply sit back and wait for them to find the right foreign publishers for your book. 

If DropCap is able to secure a rights deal for me, will I be involved in the translation and redesign process? How can I be sure my book will be translated and designed well?

This is another great question, and another learning curve for indie authors. If you sign a contract for a rights deal with an overseas publisher, you will not be involved in the translation or redesign process. The foreign language publishers will work with your agent, whether it’s DropCap or another agent of your choice. 

The good news is that you can trust that DropCap has done its due diligence to ensure that all of the listed books are in the hands of reputable, experienced publishers. In DropCap’s many years of experience, their agents have never had an issue with the quality. 

There is no greater time to be an author and to take advantage of all the ways that indie authors can enjoy the same exposure and benefits of their traditionally published counterparts. Listing your book with DropCap Marketplace is a great and affordable way to showcase your book to the global market and see if you can expand your book’s reach to an international audience!

How Does It Work?

Per D2D’s new affiliate partnership with DropCap, D2D authors are offered a 20% discount in your first annual subscription to DropCap Marketplace.

To take advantage of this special offer, be sure to sign up via D2D’s affiliate link. The affiliate link should automatically apply a coupon code, but if not, simply enter coupon code: DRAFT2DIGITAL.”

Here is a link to more details about how it works.

This video created by DropCap to help authors understand what happens once a book is listed might also be helping in providing you with more insight and help you decide if this option is right for you at this time.