Opportunity knocked. Did you answer?

Here at D2D we pride ourselves on enhancing the discoverability of our authors and their books. It’s quite literally our reason for being. And the best way for you to help readers discover you and your books, is to put your books in all the places where readers go to find books. That means taking the opportunity to go to every retail store and library that you can.

Fortunately, we’ve developed some of the industry’s most innovative, easy-to-use tools to do just that—get your books everywhere! Not only that, we’ve built a vast, global network of retailers and libraries to dramatically expand your books’ reach. We’ve also forged relationships with these global partners to bring you more promotional opportunities.

To put it another way, you have the OPPORTUNITY to distribute your books into virtually every country on the planet and reach hundreds of retail stores, thousands of libraries, and potentially millions of readers. All YOU have to do is opt-in to all the places D2D distributes. Why wouldn’t you?

“When opportunity knocks, some people are in the backyard looking for four-leaf clovers.”—Polish Proverb

Well, as it turns out, some authors do have their reasons for not sending their books to certain places. Let’s explore the top three reasons, followed by D2D’s responses:

Reason #1: “I didn’t know you distributed there!”

Every time D2D announces a new retail partner, we’ll send an email to all of our authors and publishers. We understand that sometimes emails inadvertently land in junk folders. It happens. To never miss an opportunity to sign into a new retail or library destination as soon as it’s listed, make sure Draft2Digital is recognized by your email filter. You can always check out draft2digital.com/partners to ensure you’re up to date. We’ll also alert you to new partners via a pop-up window when you log into your account. If that doesn’t work, you can click on the “Details” tab for any of your books to see if your distribution reach is fully maximized.

Reason #2: “I had my book there, but it didn’t sell. So, I removed it.”

Want to know how to guarantee zero sales for your books? Remove your books from store shelves. When your book exists on a store shelf, even if it hasn’t yet sold a single copy, you still have visibility. When you remove a book, it no longer exists. Readers can’t purchase your book if it doesn’t exist at their favorite retailer. Don’t rob your readers of serendipitous discovery opportunities, and don’t rob yourself of a possible future reader—or better yet—a future fan!

Reason #3: “I don’t trust that place.”

We hope that one of the reasons you chose D2D as your publishing partner is because you trust that we have your best interests at heart and that our mission is to get your books into the hands of more readers. We bet you evaluated other service providers who made similar promises before choosing to work with D2D. Just as you evaluate your prospective partners, so do we. That’s putting it lightly. We put our partners through the wringer. There are meetings. There are tests. There are lawyers. There are more meetings and more tests and more lawyers. It’s exhausting! In other words, we’ll only work with partners who we believe will help us to serve you and your publishing business. If we determine that a partnership isn’t delivering the anticipated benefits to our authors, and if the challenges can’t be effectively addressed, we’ll conclude the partnership.

Keep an eye on this space as we intend to “introduce” you to each partner so you can learn a bit more about where your books are being distributed. As always, if you want immediate answers about any partner that’s not already answered in our FAQ, reach out to the industry’s best customer support team at support@draft2digital.com.

Author Success is about Making the Most of Every Opportunity

At D2D, we succeed when our authors succeed. That’s why we encourage our authors to maximize their opportunities by going as wide as possible. The next reader looking to make you their favorite author might be waiting where you least expect, so go find them!

Happy Publishing!

The Draft2Digital Team