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This week we have continued automatic migrations. We also released more tools at D2D to help authors and publishers merge various parts of their accounts. These tools are important for us to be able to support migration of users from Smashwords that have multiple accounts across both systems.

If you would like to migrate before we automatically migrate you, please login to your Smashwords Account page or Dashboard and complete the migration survey.

If you don’t see the migration survey, that means we are currently unable to migrate your account. However, if you would like us to investigate why we can’t migrate your account, please reach out to support and we’ll find out for you.

As automatic migrations progress, we are diligently working on clearing out reasons we can’t migrate some accounts.


Since the last update, we have migrated 4,804 accounts and 7,163 books.

Invited – waiting on user: 73,248
Invited – waiting on us: 6
Migration Processing: 36
Successfully Migrated: 21,196
Currently Ineligible to Migrate: 36,723
Total: 131,209

88,844 Books have been migrated.

Current Activity

Merge Tool for Books
Part of ongoing merge tool development, this will provide the ability via Multi-Books Actions for merging one book into another.

Logged in users who click activation link go to logged in account
When a migrated user has more than one D2D account and they click on an account activation link, the user is taken to an already logged in D2D account. This will cause the activation link to fail, creating a confusing situation for the user. Instead we need to log the user out if the user is already logged into an account that does not match the account in the activation link, so the user gets the correct page.

Recently Completed Items

New Payment Portal on SW Store
We released a more modern and more efficient system for readers to buy books at Smashwords. Credit card details are saved for faster checkout.

Merge Tool for Contributors
We released another merge-focused Multi-Book Action tool. The Contributor Name Merge Tool and Contributor Profile Merge Tool will all contributors that are the same to be merged at D2D. On the Smashwords side, each merged contributor’s favorites and subscribers will be moved as expected.

Password Reset Emails Are Not Getting Sent to Some Migrating Users
Users that tried to use the reset password workflow before activation of their D2D account did not receive the password reset email. This issue is now resolved.

Known Issues

SW Sales Notifications
A new checkout system was recently implemented at Smashwords. As part of the new checkout process, purchase notification emails to authors have far less detail than they used to. D2D is investigating a replacement email solution that will include many of these data points for sales generated at the SW store.

– Kris Austin, CEO