It’s finally here! By far, one of our most requested features has been the ability to pre-schedule price changes, to help with upcoming promotions. And now, we’re thrilled to announce Promo Pricing!

When you log into your Draft2Digital account and click My Books, you can click over to the Promotion tab (represented by a little chain-link icon in the column to the right of your book’s title). From there you can create a schedule a promotion and price change using our easy scheduling tool.

It’s just a few easy steps:

  • Click the Schedule a Promotion
  • Type in the New Price for your book
  • Give your promotion a name to make it easy to track
  • And select the Start and End dates by either typing them directly into the date fields or selecting them from the interactive calendar
  • Hit Schedule Promotional Price, and you’re done!

Your scheduled price change will go into effect as early as possible on the day the promotion starts, and will revert back to your original price as late as possible on the final day of the promotion. This gives you maximum coverage for your entire promotional period!

From this page you can also schedule multiple promotions, edit the details of a promotion, or delete a promotion you no longer need. It’s all the control you need to manage promotional pricing across all of our sales channels!

Here’s a quick video walk-thru to show you just how easy it is to schedule price changes with D2D:

NOTE: Library pricing is not included in scheduled promotions. Territorial pricing will be adjusted unless the author has manually set their own territorial prices. Please schedule a minimum of 1-3 business days in advance of the promotion, with greater lead times preferred. While most digital stores may change pricing within hours, some may take longer to update.

This is a huge leap for authors who need to schedule price changes frequently or in advance, without the worry of having to remember to manually make changes!

Just one more way that Draft2Digital is working to make your writing and publishing life easier.

Get started now by logging in to your account at