If you weren’t able to make the joint D2D/Reedsy webinar about building a marketing plan last Thursday, this is your chance to catch the replay. You can click below to watch the full two hours of jam-packed marketing wisdom shared by Reedsy’s Ricardo Fayet and D2D’s own Kevin Tumlinson.

If you’d like to clip and share the actual URL, you can use: https://youtu.be/2XTd9NcgWWc

You can also download the free slide deck for the presentation, and get a bunch of extra info that we weren’t able to completely cover in the webinar. Just click and download them here.

Draft2Digital and Reedsy are both very dedicated to empowering indie authors. We get that we have some overlap of services—and we see that as being very good for the authors. So this webinar represents a lot of passion for the indie publishing community. We hope you like it, and we hope even more that you find something incredible and useful to take out of it!

Learn more about the incredible resources provided by Reedsy and what they can do for your marketing plan at Reedsy.com.

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