We believe libraries are a big deal, and a growing opportunity for indie authors.

That’s why we’ve spent the past year working hard to not only add library distribution for indies but to expand and improve on that distribution. Through the addition of OverDrive and bibliotheca we’ve increased your reach to around 40K libraries in 70+ countries. And now we plan to take our library distribution even further.

Draft2Digital is thrilled to announce the addition of Baker & Taylor as a part of our growing library distribution strategy.

Baker & Taylor is the world’s largest distributor of digital and print books worldwide, to thousands of libraries, publishers, and retailers. As a library distribution partner, Baker & Taylor will further enhance D2D’s reach into public libraries around the world. This improves indie author reach to the estimated 1.5 billion patrons who visit libraries each year!

In fact, over the past six months Draft2Digital authors have seen a 133% growth in library revenue.

We like those numbers. We think you will, too.

D2D believes libraries are a great way for authors to improve the discoverability of their work, while increasing revenue potential. With expanded library distribution, more potential readers can discover and read your work and recommend it to friends. Good word of mouth is always the best marketing tool!


The next time you log into your Draft2Digital account you’ll be prompted to add Baker & Taylor library distribution. You can opt all of your books in at once, or wait to add specific books from you’re My Books page.