Spilling Tea — Rumor has it You Should Diversify Your Writing Income

Spilling Tea — Rumor has it You Should Diversify Your Writing Income

When I was in my mid-twenties I went to hang out with a classmate from college. At the time he worked for Unilever—a multinational consumer goods company that owns a lot of the brands you’re probably familiar with. Dove, Hellmann’s, and Ben & Jerry’s are all...

How Does Print on Demand (POD) Work?

If you’ve been surfing the indie author channels for long, you’ve probably heard about Print on Demand (POD) services like D2D Print. But what exactly is Print on Demand, and how does it work for self-published authors? In a world where most readers still reach for a...
Getting into Print is a Key to Author Success

Digital-only publishers may be missing out on 86% of the potential readership for their books.

True, print on demand isn’t new. You have a lot of options for getting your books onto the printed page. What we discovered, as we researched how POD works and what authors go through, is that the whole process can be both expensive and complicated for authors. Setup...

Should Indie Authors Self-Publish to Print? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about some of the myths surrounding publishing to print for indie authors and debunked a fair few around sales and cost. TL;DR: print books sell better than ebooks and they’re nearly free to produce on D2D Print. In Part 2, we’ll...

Should Indie Authors Self-Publish to Print? (Part 1)

World Book Day is coming up on April 23. For many readers around the globe, that still means finding a print book, a cozy place to read, and a few solitary moments to enjoy both. That’s not to diminish the popularity of audiobooks and ebooks, of course. Both are still...

Ask Us Anything About D2D Print! // EP117

Episode Summary Draft2Digital takes questions from our authors to shed light on what they can expect from D2D Print. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPncHdg7A8A Episode Notes Join...

Your Top D2D Print Questions—Answered! Part 2

Last week, we answered some of the commonly asked questions our authors ask about D2D Print. We aren’t done yet, either! Our support team has been helping authors get a handle on print-on-demand for years. We know the questions you may want to ask about D2D Print, so...

Your Top D2D Print Questions—Answered! Part 1

The world of print publishing can be daunting for indie authors trying to do everything on their own. Draft2Digital created D2D Print to be a print-on-demand option for authors looking to publish with the support of a team behind them. Print should be accessible, not...

Press Release: Draft2Digital Opens D2D Print to Every Author

Draft2Digital Opens D2D Print to Every Author Next-Generation Print on Demand Solution Turns eBooks into Beautiful Print Books and Simplifies POD Setup and Distribution March 14, 2023—OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Draft2Digital, LLC., the world’s leading book publishing and...
We just redefined print on demand - Draft2Digital

D2D Print Just Opened Up for Every Author, Everywhere!

When we first announced D2D Print, we knew we were in for a journey. It wasn't enough to create yet another print-on-demand (POD) service. It had to be a Draft2Digital product. That meant crafting something that met all our criteria for new products—it needs to solve...

Print-On-Demand for Every Author, Everywhere

D2D Print is print-on-demand that was built with you in mind. We’ve built it with tools that allow you to have the easiest POD experience possible, without the cost and overhead you might expect. Just to start, you have the power to:

    • Convert your ebook to a print book with a click
    • Turn your ebook cover into a full wraparound print cover in seconds
    • Pick from one of dozens of beautiful and professional interior layouts
    • Distribute your print book worldwide in our massive-and-growing network of reatailers

You have all of that, right now, and it also comes with:

    • No setup costs
    • Free ISBNs
    • A free change for your print book every 90 days
    • UNLIMTED free changes on yoru ebooks
    • D2D’s celebrated, industry-beloved, legendary author support—you’ll never be alone out there

And this is only the start! Below you’ll find everything you need to know abou thow D2D Print works for you.

And if you ever have questions, email us at support@draft2digital.com.