Your Top D2D Print Questions—Answered! Part 1

The world of print publishing can be daunting for indie authors trying to do everything on their own. Draft2Digital created D2D Print to be a print-on-demand option for authors looking to publish with the support of a team behind them. Print should be accessible, not...
We just redefined print on demand - Draft2Digital

D2D Print Just Opened Up for Every Author, Everywhere!

When we first announced D2D Print, we knew we were in for a journey. It wasn't enough to create yet another print-on-demand (POD) service. It had to be a Draft2Digital product. That meant crafting something that met all our criteria for new products—it needs to solve...

Press Release: Draft2Digital Opens D2D Print to Every Author

Draft2Digital Opens D2D Print to Every Author Next-Generation Print on Demand Solution Turns eBooks into Beautiful Print Books and Simplifies POD Setup and Distribution March 14, 2023—OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Draft2Digital, LLC., the world’s leading book publishing and...

D2D Print Masterclass #4: Vendor of Record

It’s that time again—the latest installment of our D2D Print Masterclass. In today’s article, we’re talking about Vendor of Record and copyright considerations when self-publishing. What is Vendor of Record (VoR)? Vendor of Record is a new concept for many...

10 Ways D2D Authors Market Print Books

Print books and eBooks are unique products we get to offer to readers, but many authors approach selling both with the same marketing methods. This makes sense; Indie and self-published authors have been advertising their eBooks for years while publishing print books...

D2D Print Masterclass #3: Making Changes

They say the only constant is change. No matter how thoroughly you’ve edited and perfected your book for print, the odds are good that at some point, you’ll want to make some edits. So how do you do it? How long should you wait to order print copies once you’ve...

D2D Print Masterclass #2: Author Copies

Welcome back! We’re here with the second post in our series on D2D Print. In this article, we’ll focus on a topic that’s near and dear to all our hearts: author copies. (If you're not in D2D Print yet, sign up for the Print Beta here! We are opting in new sign-ups...

D2D Print Masterclass #1: D2D Print Basics

We are getting more and more questions about D2D Print as time goes on, which is a great thing—it means our fully functional beta is getting a lot of use! Thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions, which will help us make our Print on Demand (POD) service even...
Universal Book Links Now Include PRINT Formats

Universal Book Links Now Include PRINT Links

When we launched Books2Read and the ability for authors to freely create Universal Book Links (UBLs) for their Ebooks, we always meant for it to be truly universal. We made sure our links are retail platform inclusive and geo-targeted, which automatically routes...
Everything you need to know about D2D Print

D2D Print: Everything You Need to Know

When we ask our authors to share their most burning questions, we get a lot of questions about D2D Print. They want to know why it’s still in beta, when it will become an “official” D2D service, and what sets D2D Print apart from other print-on-demand services like...

Print-On-Demand for Every Author, Everywhere

D2D Print is print-on-demand that was built with you in mind. We’ve built it with tools that allow you to have the easiest POD experience possible, without the cost and overhead you might expect. Just to start, you have the power to:

    • Convert your ebook to a print book with a click
    • Turn your ebook cover into a full wraparound print cover in seconds
    • Pick from one of dozens of beautiful and professional interior layouts
    • Distribute your print book worldwide in our massive-and-growing network of reatailers

You have all of that, right now, and it also comes with:

    • No setup costs
    • Free ISBNs
    • A free change for your print book every 90 days
    • UNLIMTED free changes on yoru ebooks
    • D2D’s celebrated, industry-beloved, legendary author support—you’ll never be alone out there

And this is only the start! Below you’ll find everything you need to know abou thow D2D Print works for you.

And if you ever have questions, email us at